Knowles and Meizu Bring Treble Performance to New Heights with LIVE AI Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Earbuds

May 21, 2024

The newest Meizu earbuds integrate Knowles balanced armature drivers and MEMS microphones with coaxial dual drivers to deliver maximum sound clarity over a wide frequency spectrum.

Knowles Corporation (NYSE: KN), a market leader and global provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones and speakers, audio solutions, and high-performance capacitors and RF products, today announced consumer audio brand Meizu has selected Knowles balanced armature (BA) drivers and SiSonic™ high-performance MEMS microphones to produce premium sound for the new LIVE AI Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Earbuds.

Meizu LIVE AI Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Earbuds deliver high-res performance with a distinctive hardware blend. A customized Knowles BA within each earpiece packs exceptional treble performance in a footprint small enough to fit within the ear tip, producing crystal-clear treble frequencies up to 40 kHz without compromising comfort. This complements the rich, low-frequency range delivered by the earbud’s coaxial dual driver design, which adds fully symmetrical output, strong low-frequency envelopment, and minimal interference across frequency bands. Supported by an LHDC 5.0 codec, the earbuds offer listeners well-rounded sound quality across frequency ranges.

Meizu LIVE AI Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Earbuds are designed to meet the heightened consumer demands for versatile, personalized listening. The earbuds offer AI Dynamic Tune, a first-of-its-kind capability that uses artificial intelligence to identify user listening preferences to inform tailored sound experiences. Users can choose individualized and pre-set equalizer settings available in the app. The equalization settings are among the first to feature tuning for the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve. The Knowles Curve aims to accommodate a preference for a heightened treble response beyond 10 kHz reported by listeners of all age groups and hearing abilities.

Emphasizing universal applicability, the earbuds also leverage a Sony Semiconductor Solutions premium chip to enable Intelligent Active Noise Reduction Mode. Featuring six Knowles SiSonic high-performance Falcon MEMS microphones and a proprietary AI noise reduction algorithm, the earbuds offer noise-free calls and versatile listening modes for travel, gaming, work, sports, studying, and more. Each earbud has a nine-hour battery life for long-term wear, with over 22 hours of charge available from the case.

“In more than a century of recording and playback technology development, we’ve been proud to work with brands like Knowles to innovate and introduce milestone inventions that transform the way we experience music,” said Zhipan Huang, Meizu Executive Vice President. “Pairing Knowles balanced armatures with our coaxial dual drivers marks another step in Meizu’s commitment to pursuing better-sounding, more personalized experiences for our consumers.”

“Consumers trust Meizu to provide high-quality and affordable earphones and electronics,” said Jon Kiachian, President of MedTech and Specialty Audio at Knowles Corporation. “With the debut of the landmark LIVE AI Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Earbuds, Knowles is proud to demonstrate the evolution of its balanced armatures and continue to support Meizu in delivering full-range, high-quality and personalized sound across all listeners and use cases.”

Meizu LIVE AI Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Earbuds are available for 599 CNY in China and several other countries in the APAC market at

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